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You can receive God's healing love and express it to those you care about




July 25-27, 2019 | West Greenwich, RI

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The fundamental need for every human being is to experience Father God’s love. An intimate relationship with Heavenly Father is foundational to a sustained Kingdom life.


Most Christians have a skewed image of Father God. Most of us don't even realize it. We grew up with parents and authority figures who weren't perfect. In some cases, they were extremely hurt and flawed. The view we have of our authority figures creates a lens by which we view God. What we need is to clean the lens. We need to identify and deal with the smudges, maybe even cracks in our lens. 

This is what we will do at the Power of Father's Love Encounter.

- We begin with teaching to help us understand areas that may be hindering us from experiencing a more intimate relationship with God.

- Then we allow Holy Spirit to illuminate those areas in us.

- And we allow God’s love in to bring freedom.

Through this process, we can begin to experience a new depth of intimacy and love with God and our loved ones.


This Encounter will bring both new and seasoned believers closer to Him.

We will look at:


  • understanding our image of God

  • realizing that you were created for love

  • how mother and father types affect how we see God and interact with others 

  • how to bring healing to our own families and relationships



Doug Crew

Doug’s wife,Sarah (Frost), first introduced him to the message of Father’s Love through sharing her father’s testimony and the Breaking Free series.  Doug quickly realized why he was so frustrated in his relationship with God.  This started his journey of healing. He encountered God as Father in a powerful way and realized that his experience with an absentee father had shaped his view of God. Doug came on staff in December 2009 as Executive Director. Today, Doug is the president of Shiloh Place and leads our Encounters and speaks on the road. 

Robin & Phyllis Primrose

Robin and Phyllis have worked with Shiloh Place in different roles for 20 years. Robin is a veteran who suffered from PTSD for over 20 years. In December of 2015 Phyllis met Dr. Michael Hutchings. Dr. Hutchings ministers to PTSD victims. He prayed over Phyllis then sent her home to pray over Robin. It worked! God began healing Robin of PTSD. Since that time, Robin and Phyllis have helped many other victims receive healing through their testimony and prayer. Robin and Phyllis co-founded Crossing the Bar Ministries and travel wherever they are asked to share their story.

April Jones

April and Keith have a powerful testimony of restoration and help us discover the lies receive as children and then tell ourselves into adulthood. They help us to break those lies  rediscover that we were created for a loving relationship with Father God.


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July 25-27, 2019 | West Greenwich, RI

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