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How can we best serve you?

Below are a few ways we can help you help your congregation and community to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and others. We'd also be happy to discuss other ideas with you.

This page is for you. If you have questions email me at Doug.Crew@shilohplace.org or call  my mobile 843-455-2456.

I was recently asked if we were an inner healing ministry. I said no we're a father's love ministry with some inner healing components. I wasn't quite sure the person felt that was clear enough. I could see his struggle and said, "really, we're an identity ministry." We start with the core issue for identity, which is we don't understand or trust whose we are. It's difficult to understand who we are in Christ if we have a false image of the One Christ was the exact representation of. 

We believe this is the foundation for all inner healing. People can receive and get breakthrough from great inner healing ministers but if the foundation is skewed, well you know the parable about planting in rocky soil, the good seed doesn't grow for long. - Doug

Weekend Events

Weekend events are generally a Friday night and Saturday 9-4 type of event. These are more conference style with minimal Shiloh Place team. This will primarily be Doug Crew speaking and ministering. We do corporate prayer times to ensure people have the opportunity to receive from and encounter God as He brings healing and revelation.

There is the option to add times for meeting with church teams and leadership also. 

Typically the speaker would be invited to share for the Sunday services at one of the participating churches.


If you are here, you probably have an idea of the content. We are about our identity as sons and daughters of God. We start by looking at who we think God is. 

Here is Doug talking about how our  first contact with love affects our image of God and how that affects our walk.


We offer encounters around two different subjects.

The Power of Father's Love, which takes a look at our Image of God, who He is, and why we may have difficulty experiencing His love in fullness.

The Heart of Sonship, which covers who we are and what keeps us from living as sons and daughters. 

These encounters will typically run Thursday evening 6-9

Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-5

They are smaller more intimate events. The max number may depend on how many team members we can get. But we typically won't have anymore than 30 people. 

There will be teaching, interactive times, corporate ministry, small group and potentially personal ministry times.

*See a couple of Sample Schedules below

Who is Doug anyway?   

Doug and Sarah came on staff in December 2009 as the new Executive Directors of Shiloh Place Ministries.  It was Sarah that first introduced the message of Father’s Love and healing to Doug through sharing her father’s testimony tape and the Breaking Free series with him.  Doug realized immediately why he was so frustrated in his relationship with God and church.   This started his journey of healing and reignited a passion for God in him.  Doug and Sarah both worked in the area of resources and production for Shiloh Place early in their marriage.  Eventually they moved to Redding, CA where they spent 3 years working for Bethel Church in the video/design department.  The time in Redding was a bittersweet experience for them both.  They walked through grieving the death of Sarah’s dad, Jack, while simultaneously making lifetime friendships and having both of their beautiful daughters.  In 2014 they had their son Jack Douglass to complete their family.

Today Doug is the president of Shiloh Place Ministries and speaks in Shiloh Place Encounters and on the road as well as leading the team.

What Happens in an Encounter?

Pastors Pete and Allie Scheller share their experience with a Shiloh Place Encounter and the Shiloh Place team. You also get a look inside an event. 

Pastors Pete and Allison Scheller - Madison, WI


Sample Schedule



Sample Schedule