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Learn skills for ministering and sharing Father's Love

training school

November 11-14, 2019

 North Myrtle Beach, SC

Register by Sept. 25 to get 

Early Bird pricing!

“I used to teach and hope they went away with something to help them. Now I can see them change right in front of me!” – Pastor Jun

– Pastor Jun is over 90 churches and does many pastoral trainings. As he learned to share the Father’s Love the Shiloh way he saw many results in lives being changed.


This school is for those students who have learned about the Father’s Love and healing in one of our 3 Schools, Father's Love, Heart of Sonship or Unbound.

You will be stretched as you learn and participate in core Father’s love skills.

3 Core Skills covered and participated in:

  • Praying Father’s Love Prayers

  • Leading in small groups

  • Speaking the Message of the Father’s love

This is an advanced school, students will be expected to participate in the skills being taught.

“This way of praying over people in small groups has changed our whole way of doing things. We are seeing so many more healings.”  – Pastor Nate


– Pastor Nate is head over a pastors association in the Philippines where Robert and Cyndi Hartzell developed the Ministering Father's Love School format.



Doug Crew

Doug’s wife,Sarah (Frost), first introduced him to the message of Father’s Love through sharing her father’s testimony and the Breaking Free series.  Doug quickly realized why he was so frustrated in his relationship with God.  This started his journey of healing. He encountered God as Father in a powerful way and realized that his experience with an absentee father had shaped his view of God. Doug came on staff in December 2009 as Executive Director. Today, Doug is the president of Shiloh Place and leads our Encounters and speaks on the road. 

Trisha Frost

Trisha is an internationally known speaker. She is also the co-founder of Shiloh Place Ministries which she and husband, Jack Frost, started 20 years ago to restore and revive leaders. She speaks and brings healing in the areas of identity, destiny, inheritance, father and mother wounds, and living life as a son or daughter of the King

Robert & Cindy Hartzell

Robert and Cyndi are traveling teachers and writers who have a passion to see the church heal and mature into loving fathers and mothers in Christ.

They have been missionaries since 1998, having lived in both the Dominican Republic and the Philippines for several years, as well as having taught the message of the Father’s Love and Sonship in over 30 countries. 

Robert has authored two books, The Sonship Empowered Life (2013), and Fathering Leadership (2014). He is also fluent in Spanish and has a Masters degree in Christian Counseling. 

Robert and Cyndi use their personal stories to empower others to live in the unconditional love of Father God as beloved sons and daughters.   

They reside in Jacksonville, FL and recently celebrated 30 years of marriage. 






All locations are within a 10 minute drive except vrbo is not a guaranteed distance. You will need to check the address of where you book. 

Ministering Father's Love Advanced School

November 11-14, 2019 - NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC

Register by August 14 to get 

Super Early Bird pricing!